Learn to Love, Love to Learn

For many of our yoga teachers, India is an inspirational place to travel to, a place to learn about practicing yoga. The Yoga Festival Terschelling loves to give and supports the Dutch charity organisation Duniya.


Duniya aims to support the citizens of the slums of the city of Varanasi, Northern India. The charity aims to provide them with education and health care. The Yoga Festival Terschelling has been supporting Duniyna for years in their educative objectives to provide Varanasi's children with a future.

So far, thanks to Yoga Festival Terschelling’s support, Duniya has provided the children of their school with a half a year’s worth of daily meals and with schoolbooks. In 2014, the Festival financed the higher education of about 50 students, so that they had the chance to continue their schooling.

Visit www.duniya.org for more information about their beautiful work.


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