The yearly Yoga Festival Terschelling takes place at campground De Kooi. This year, the 12th edition of the festival will be held from Friday 29 June to Sunday 1 Juli 2018.  

Participants are more than welcome to arrive a day earlier or to stay a day more. On Thursday 28 June as well as Monday 2 Juli, we offer a relaxing pre- and after festival programme full with yoga, live music and delicious food.

Participation Fee

The participation fee for the Yoga Festival Terschelling is € 240,- (VAT and tourist tax included)

This price includes:

Participation in workshops classes (additional charges only for sup yoga and aerial yoga sessions)

  • All music performances
  • Stay at the festival grounds (with your own tent)
  • Meals: breakfast (Sat.+Sun.), lunch (Sat.+Sun.) and dinner (Fri.+Sat.) and fruit and yogi tea throughout the day
  • Rental bike and luggage transfer on the island

This price does not include:

  • Participation in the pre- and after festival programme on Thursday 28 June and Monday 2 Juli. In case you would like to join this programme as well, the additional cost will be as follows: participation on Thursday: € 80,-; Participation on Monday:  €60,- (this includes the stay at the festival grounds, food, participation in the workshops and the rental bike)
  • Tent or sleeping mattress rental. The rental price for the tent is € 75,-. The rental price for the sleeping mattress is € 5,-. Both prices are for the complete stay, regardless of the duration of your stay and the number of persons you share the tent with. For more information on these options, see the section ‘tent and sleeping mattress rental’.

During the Festival

About 95% of all participants stay at the festival grounds with either their own tent or a rental tent. Alternatively, there are a number of hotels and other accommodation possibilities near the festival grounds. For more information on this, check the frequently asked questions section and or contact us.

Rent a tent or sleeping mattress

It is possible to rent a sportive pyramid tent that will be set up for you prior to your arrival. Renting a tent (3 adults) is € 75, regardless of the amount of nights you will stay and with how many persons you share it. It is up to the participant who rents the tent to decide whether he/she would like to share the tent with other participants. 

The price of renting a self-inflatable air mattress is € 5,- pp. regardless the amount of nights you stay.  

In case you would like to make use of these rental options, make sure to indicate this on the registration form.

Food and Drinks

Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served to all participants. The special festival menu is healthy, vegetarian, ayurvedic and protein and vitamin rich. Fruits and Yogi Tea are freely available throughout the day. For more information about the meals, see the program section on this website.


The campsite where the festival is held has new sanitary buildings with warm showers (€ 1), toilets with toilet paper, washbasins and outdoor sinks. There are enough possibilities to charge your mobile phone or other electrical equipment. For more information about the available facilities and some advise on what to bring, check this information leaflet.

Festival Life

Practice a wide variety of yoga styles in natural surroundings. Immerse in a relaxed yogic atmosphere at the seaside.

Registration and payment

It is now possible to register for the Yoga Festival 2018. After filling out and sending in the online registration form, you will receive a confirmation by email. This email will contain additional information as well as an invoice. By completing the online registration, you agree to transfer the participation fee to Foundation Yoga Festival, bank account NL44 RABO 0115 2623 260115 2623 26al. Please include your name as a reference to the transfer. Your registration is finalised once the payment has been received. 

Possibility to register

Unfortunately, there is a maximum to the number of participants we can take in. For years, this maximum is reached weeks in advance. The earlier you register, the more chance you have to assure your spot for the festival fee mentioned above. Registration takes place in order of receipt of payments. As long as the registration form is available online, it is possible to register. 

More information

The frequently asked questions section and the available downloads might be helpful in case you are looking for some more information. Also, in case you have additional questions or you just like to discuss certain options, just contact us

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